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Train with Jay from anywhere in the world and become the lean, sexy, radiant self that you were born to be.
"I met Jay Tavare on the set of the movie Street Fighter, where I was the trainer and fight coordinator. Jay is a force of nature who was able to perform anything I asked him to including all his own dangerous stunts. He has grown over the past few decades and become an amazing coach and trainer himself with a wealth of knowledge and experience. His approach to fitness and understanding of how the human body functions is unique and special and I feel he can help anyone reach their fitness goals."
- Benny “The Jet“ Urquidez 
World Champion kick-boxer, fight coordinator, stunt specialist, Celebrity Trainer.
Why the Jay Tavare Academy?
Maybe you remember a time you looked and felt your best, and yearn to get back there… but wonder if it’s still possible.

You’ve tried diet after diet, but they are so tedious and you feel so deprived. How could that possibly be the right path? You know you need inspiration that lasts - a new program for your health that is easy to stick with.

How good would it feel to fit into the clothes you set aside years ago, and to shop for a sexy new wardrobe that you know you’d rock?

Maybe there’s someone special in your life you want to look your best for. (Or attract closer.)

Maybe you’re finally ready to look and feel your best for YOU, because you know you’re worth it.

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling vitality surging through you so that you bounce out of bed with a song in your heart.

Yes, it’s totally possible! And this is the path.

An Invitation To You from Jay Tavare
Dear Friend,

You may recognize me. I’ve been a Hollywood actor for decades. I’ve been in 4 Academy Award-winning films: Cold Mountain, Adaptation, The Missing, and The Revenant. You’ve probably seen me in lots of TV shows as well, like CSI Miami and Longmire.

Being an actor is tough. Casting directors decide if you’re right for the part from the second you walk in the door. My body is my instrument. It must be completely in tune and ready to perform at a minute’s notice.

I do all my own stunts as well, so keeping myself ready for roles is imperative.
Jay Tavare as Vega in 
Street Fighter
In this process, I’ve learned some pretty astounding truths about my body, and about the human body. Techniques that enable you to be your BEST at any given moment, so you have the edge. I’ve run marathons, won dance competitions, and continue to push myself even farther. It’s all about keeping a positive mental attitude.

This is especially imperative as you age. You want to keep that youth inside you alive: your laughter, your suppleness, your radiant spirit. If your body falls apart, you’ll feel stuck on the sidelines of life, in the doldrums, waiting.

I believe my commitment to my training, both mentally and physically, is why I’ve had a career lasting over 4 decades that is still going strong today!

I’d love to teach you all my secrets.
I get requests from people all over the world who want to train with me, and it’s tough because I live in Los Angeles. And my time is precious. That was when I realized that now with the Internet, I really can help anyone, anywhere!

I’m so pumped to train you.

I invite you to enroll now in my first-ever online course. You can sign up now, and get started when it works in your schedule. You’re going to be blown away by how good you’re going to look and feel after just 3 months together.
PLUS you get access to me inside our private Facebook group. You can bring me all your questions, and get the support of our whole community. That’s really where you’ll find the courage to keep going and achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to!

This is a 3 month journey with me as your trainer to get you in shape: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Everything you need to look and feel your absolute best.
I’m going to share all the secrets I use in my Hollywood career- because there are LOADS of secrets! (You think all the stars just look that fabulous by accident? These secrets really work!)

I can say for sure that if you follow my guidance, you’ll add years to your life, and life to your years because you’ll get fit, lose weight, and feel vitality pouring through you.

What could be better than that?

I look forward to seeing you inside.
Jay Tavare
How Does It Work?
Jay has been designing this program, Jay Tavare Academy, for nearly a year for you, tapping into everything he’s learned from years spent consulting trainers, doctors, and shamans.

He knows how challenging it can be starting out, and exactly what to do to guide you in your:
  • Mindset
  • Weight Loss Goals
  • Spiritual Outlook
  • Body Positive Image
  • Strength, Mobility and Muscle Definition
  • Nutrition (how to know what to eat, when to eat it, 
  • and what the myths are about “good” and “bad” foods like gluten, fiber and fat).
Jay’s techniques are quite sophisticated, but even a complete beginner can do them. Once you know how to hack your body, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Yes, you’ll lose weight. But more than that, you’re going to get healthy and spiritually connected to your body again.

You’ll finally understand your body and how you are unique- your range of motion, your biomechanics, your energy. You’ll understand how to get more control of your appetite, and learn how your habits affect your fitness and your health.
Every Machine Comes with a Manual- Why Not Your Body?
With Jay Tavare Academy, You’ll Literally Write Your Own Manual!

Consider the most advanced fighter jet ever made: the F22 Raptor.

Guess what? Your body is far more sophisticated than even that!

But without a manual, if Jay gave you one of those planes you might end up driving it down the freeway, not realizing it was capable of super-sonic flight..

Your body is exactly the same way. You may be unaware of the spectacular abilities you really have. You have gifts in certain areas. Jay will show you how to find and maximize your gifts.

Are you ready to look and feel your best?
Fighter Jet

The Essential Pillars of Jay Tavare Academy: The 4 S’s
As you age you lose strength, so maintaining your strength levels is an important step toward anti-aging. If you’re stronger you can literally perform any task easier whether it's climbing stairs, lifting your child, or picking up your groceries. A strong body fatigues later than a weaker body, so you have endurance to get through a day with the vitality to carry you through the evening. We live in gravity. The stronger you are, The lighter you feel on your feet.
As you age you begin to lose mobility and flexibility. A more limber body gets injured much less frequently than a stiff body. You move better, you sleep better, you have better sex. You literally FEEL decades younger. Suppleness wipes away the crust of aging, and lets you feel juicy and alive.
Speed sharpens your reflexes and creates hand-foot-eye coordination. The leaner you are, the faster the electric current travels through your body. You literally become a faster thinker. Your response time is better, giving you an edge over someone who is not maintaining their health. This is one of the greatest anti-aging secrets there is.
Speed sharpens your reflexes and creates hand-foot-eye coordination. And the leaner you are the faster the electric current travels through your body and you literally become a faster thinker, and your response time is better, so you have an edge. This is one of the greatest anti-aging secrets there is.
Endurance and stamina mean you don’t tire easily. You keep going even when things are challenging. Stamina means quick recuperation, so that you can rise again and shake off stress. You become an efficient machine when you have stamina- and you recover quickly. Pacing yourself is wisdom.
Jay’s Method is PROVEN:
  • When was the last time you felt sexy?  
  • When was the last time you looked in your closet and felt like you could wear anything in it?
  • Have you recently looked in the mirror and really loved what you see?
There are a million fitness programs out there- and they all sell you on losing weight and counting macros and this or that diet. And that’s great. 
But the truth is: you won’t get TOTAL TRANSFORMATION unless you make your body part of your spiritual path.
Jay’s outlook and training is rooted in native traditions of mindfulness and connection to nature and your highest self.
So that while you get sculpted, toned, energized, and feel the vitality of life- surging through you, you’re actually turning the ignition on your SPIRIT.

Jay’s daily meditation, mindfulness, and intention setting will support your focus, so you have control and stay in control of your goals and habits.

Jay will also teach you how to push your own limits so you develop mental toughness, which is different than physical toughness. Your spirit will be strengthened as part of this new fitness regime, and that is PRICELESS. Because it’s lasting.
This Course is for you if:
  • You’re over 30 and you want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans
  • You have a few pounds or inches you’d like to lose
  • You’re afraid you’ve lost your youth- and you’re ready to lasso it back
  •  You want to amplify your sex appeal (at any age)
  •  You want to get toned and stay toned
  •  You’re ready to step into owning your inner goddess (or god)
  •  You want to stay in full bloom for decades to come
  •  You want to feel amazing, fit and supremely confident, which leads to success in every area of your life- relationships, work, finances and health
 What's the Benefit of the Jay Tavare Academy?
Consider what a great feeling it will be when you surprise your friends and family after you complete the program and have all this new muscle tone and confidence and radiance. Just imagine the looks on their faces when you walk in and own how fabulous you will feel. It might be for your high school reunion, your work holiday party, or an important wedding...

…The point is, in a few months, you can either look and feel like you do right now, or make a total transformation to your best self- with increased energy, joy and vitality through and through.
What version of yourself would you rather be?
Think of what a brilliant example you’ll be for your whole family – you’ll become a beacon of light for them to make healthier choices too. When you improve yourself, your energy will be a ripple effect and support everyone around you.

You’ll become the most radiant, confident, version of yourself.

Sign up now to get 3 months of training and support inside
Jay Tavare Academy
But This is NOT for you if:
  • You have a medical issue or injury that requires the supervision of your doctor
  • You’re not serious about transformation
  • You’re not committed to finding out your greatest potential and ability with your own Sacred machine - and the feeling of accomplishment and confidence that comes with that.
  •  You’re not motivated to make a lasting change for yourself- body mind and spirit
.... Write Your Very Own Sacred Manual
Your body is unique, and it tells a story. There is no one else just like you. (Think of it: Even the foods that may help you thrive, someone else might be allergic to!)

Everything about you is one of a kind.

How much sleep you need, how often you get hungry, how fast or slowly you age, your injuries or past surgeries. Everything about you is part of your story, your human design.

As part of this course, I’m going to give you a blank manual. It’s your Sacred Manual—the place you’ll record everything about your body that makes you YOU.
Once you have your Sacred Manual dialed in, you’re going to have the keys to your own success at every level.
Yes, I know what you’re thinking: it is totally mystical. It’s also completely available. All this information is already inside you—we just have to unlock it together so you have access to it!

When you sign up, you’ll get your very own Sacred Manual, and we’ll get started together on this journey of transformation.
What’s Included:
  •  3 Online Modules = 3 Months of Training—accessible from anywhere in the world and taught exclusively by Jay Tavare
  • Videos for each day on mindset as well as on fitness
  • A daily warm up and cool down
  • Your own Sacred Manual
  • Access to the Jay Tavare Academy Online Private Facebook Group
PLUS These Special Bonuses:
  •  Hollywood Anti-Aging Secrets
  •  Hollywood Red Carpet Secrets
  •  Hollywood Hair Tips
  •  Hollywood Skin Tips
  •  How to Look "Cut" & Toned
  •  How to Choose Your Most Flattering Looks
     Basic Course Access: 
90 days
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     Basic Course Access: 
90 Days
Limited Time Introductory Price: $99
Full Course Value: $350!
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Money back guarantee:
30 day refund period
Jay Tavare
Jay Tavare Gives Back:
 Jay is a believer in making the world a better place, especially for the Native Americans. 
 He will donate a percentage from each sale of this program to charities focused on the wellbeing of Native Americans.
Meet Jay Tavare
Jay Tavare describes himself best when he says he is a storyteller and a citizen of the world. Born in the United States, Jay was privileged to spend much of his youth in Europe, and his career has taken him even farther abroad for extended stays on five of our seven continents. From his travels, Jay says he has learned that all cultures give us beauty to embrace and valuable lessons to learn about people and life.

Jay Tavare's physical skills are nothing short of extraordinary. As a teen he won the Worlds Freestyle Dance Championships with an acrobatic break dance routine that was years ahead of its time. He has spent his whole life learning all aspects of health & fitness and has kept his fitness and skill sets at world class standards by performing all of his own stunts in his film career. But his approach is more than just physical. He believes for you to be a complete being you must work on your mind, body & spirit. He has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share to help you reach your potential. He uses the latest sport science and nutrition information as well as a few ancient tribal techniques that he has learned from medicine men and shamans.

Jay's acting performances in several Oscar winning films with some of our era's most talented and acclaimed directors and actors are the natural outcome of his eclectic life experiences and the direct result of his intense focus on excellence and dedication to character authenticity.